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Here is a quick lineup of what we do so well:


Water Damage Repair

Did a pipe break, is something flooding, is a pesky leak showing it's ugly face?


Roof Installation

New roof needed, we have you covered.


Roof Replacement

Do you think your roof is too old, leaky, shingles are folding, we can help!


Roof Repair

We aren't scared to help with fixing a rood, replacements are great but sometimes all you need is a repair.

Your home or place of business could be seriously damaged by severe weather, plumbing issues, and other mishaps. It can be extremely stressful when damage from these accidents impacts your property. You can also be unsure of how to proceed. Patriot Property Restoration, on the other hand, eliminates the stress associated with property restoration by providing a variety of restoration service alternatives, working directly with your insurance provider, and assisting you at every stage.


Fire Damage: Long after they have been put out, fires can still result in a variety of issues. Your office or home could be badly impacted by soot, smoke, or even water damage. With our expertise, commercial tools, and products, we can quickly repair fire damage and restore your property to its pre-fire condition.


Water Damage: While all forms of water have the potential to be catastrophic, different treatment techniques will be needed for clean, grey, and black water, depending on where the water damage originated. Our skilled specialists are aware of the distinctions between various types of water damage as well as the proper methods for repairing them. Therefore, you can trust us to handle your water damage properly whether it was caused by a leaky faucet, a broken dishwasher, or sewage backup.


Mold Remediation: No one likes to find out that there is an infestation of mold inside their household or their business because of the health hazards that this organism can pose. However, whether you have a suspicion that there could be mold growth or you discover it on your ceiling, we have the right expertise and protective equipment to inspect your property and mitigate your mold issue.


Construction and Remodeling: Storms and mishaps have the potential to damage not only your prized possessions but also the framework of your residential or commercial building. Your home or place of business may need everything from small fixes to complete replacements of the damaged areas, depending on the degree. No matter the scope or difficulty of the job, our renovation team is well equipped to tackle it. In this manner, you can count on us to repair the damage quickly and to a high standard of craftsmanship.

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Commercial Roofing

We can help with the smallest and biggest jobs.

We can cover business roofs not just residential.

residential Roofing

Let us help with you home.

We can get your home covered be it massive or smaller, we do the job right so you can kick back and enjoy.

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